The knife's conscience

I was chopping vegetables. They wouldn’t chop. I pushed the knife in deeper. Nothing. I looked at it without really looking. Tried again. Nothing. Then I looked closely. I was using the blunt side. Had I attempted one more time, then the sharp edge would have sliced through me.

Was it deliberate? I don’t know. I know that I was upset about something. I was upset because I had been rude. Was this my way of hitting out at myself? Was my subconscious protesting?

It is a sharp knife, a new one. Maybe the knife wanted to cut through something more interesting than vegetable. Isn’t it possible that knives too have desires and a mean streak?

We assume inanimate objects are poor, lifeless creatures, but hammers hit. You say that human hands have to use that hammer? True, but what about the nail on the floor that you step on? What about the stone that falls on your head? What about a piece of brick that grazes your elbow as you try and make your way past a wall?

They too could have a subconscious. They too could have a streak of rudeness in them. Do they look for retribution? My knife lies glistening on the tray. I can only see my eyes in its steel body; they look sad. Is it about the knife or about me?

Is reflection about self-contemplation or contemplating oneself in another?


  1. Blog
    Great analogy!

    Your conscience is the reflection of your perception.

    Self contemplation,a door to divine power.

    Self contemplation , a way to spirituality via self improvement.

  2. Interesting thoughts Farzana :-)

  3. Circle: I can start an ashram...will you join?!
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    Amandeep: Hai, hai...you know there is this li'l joke that when people are invited to watch a film at a sepcial preview and the director stands outside to see them off, everyone invariably says, "Interesting!" about the movie, often meaning sar se oopar chalaa gaya...

    I hope this is not the naubat here nahin tau I will become very pareishan :-)

  4. :-)

    hargiz nahin. reminded me of the incidents when i got hit/injured. so...

  5. Dhitkaar hai mujhpar...I should be reminding people about the happy occasions in their lives...but then, as they say, doosoun ka dard dekhne se apne dard kam ho jaata hai..

  6. Blog
    You're FV's Ashram, I'm already IN...

  7. circle:

    thanks for following the queue behind me :-)

    Come on you guys in front there... you move in faster will you... darn...

    ""welcome aboard""

  8. :-) This is so much better than the pressure of producing a bestseller...

  9. Blog

    We'll still wait for FV's best seller.

    I promise I'll be in queue even if I've to spend whole night @ Barns & Nobles.