Talking to myself (On Brown)

“I was looking for brown buttons.”

“But this blouse does not look brown.”

“It is – technically it belong to the brown family.”

“See, it is not beige, not khaki, not fawn, not rust, so what is it?”

“Brown. That’s how I see it.”

“Your seeing is not enough. Did you find buttons to match it?”


“That’s it. It is not brown. You have to give it another name.”

“But how will a name change what it is?”

“People can recognise it and find what you seek for it.”

“Is seeking brown and matching it with what I have not enough recognition of it?”

“If it was, you would have been successful.”

“What do browns do when they are not perceived as browns? There is the brown of mud and it changes colour when it is wet and arid. There is the brown of bodies – so many shades. There is the brown of wood far removed from trees. There is the brown of seasons. The brown of food on skewers, as curries, as breads. The brown of eyes. Of tea. Of coffee.”

“How do you see this brown blouse?”

“Just a brown blouse with some cutwork on the sleeves, that touches my skin with a caress and on a windy day rides high and I pull it down to stay snug just beneath the zipper of the slacks.”

“Why do you need buttons?”

“I do not like the ones that are there now. They are a contrast. I never did like such clashes of colour.”

“But you say you hate uniformity.”

“These buttons do not take away from the uniformity but intrude into the space of brown, like a wart on skin.”

“Warts are a part of life.”

“So, warts can have a name and recognition, but skin cannot? My brown cannot?”

“Warts are visible.”

“I see skin and can watch it alter a little every day.”

“Won’t you ever give the colour another name?”

“No. I am quite certain there are brown warts somewhere waiting for the brown chiffon skin.”

- - -
(c) Farzana Versey

PS: This is the real picture. I love the way it fell on the chair...


  1. ... and then there is the smell of brown.

    ... and the brownness of brown and the blousiness (if there is such) of the blouse or blouson ... or is it blousoff? ... why is the button on the blouse? Should be on the chair.

    ... maybe I'll buttoff ...

    1. TE:

      And the sound of brown...the crunch.

      Blouson is better, but the on and off of it would be difficult to brown it.

      The buttons are there to keep things in place.

      ...maybe I'll space it.

  2. Fair discussion and justified points. I hope by brown you don't just mean brown color.

    1. Push Vs Pull:

      Nice to see you found my talking to myself a discussion. And, in such monologues, I don't know how it will go so obviously it is more than the colour. Or maybe it's about blue!

      PS: what an interesting pseudonym. I guess you couldn't decide so settled for both.

  3. Sometimes I think I have an invisible twin brother. Me being Pushpendra & the other fellow Pullpendra hence the name. Like that guy Brad Pitt in movie fight club.